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Puretone Hearing Aid Center

2904 Victory Dr, Marshall TX 75672
Contact: Nick

p: (903)927-1111
c: (903)702-8117
f: (903)927-0086

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Puretone Hearing Aid Center has 3 locations, Marshall, TX, Longview, TX and Shreveport, LA. Owner Roger Garcia and his team of dispensers, Nick Garcia, and Tim Martinez have over 40 yrs of experience in dispensing hearing aids.

Company Facts

  • Puretone started in 2005 and has grown bigger every year.
  • Puretone's dispensing team, Roger Garcia, his son Nick Garcia, and Tim Martinez, combined have over 42 years expierience in dispensing hearing aids.
  • Puretone is committed to excellence, not only in quality of product but also in service. Puretone provides in home testing for home bound patients at no extra charge.
  • Puretone is capeable of handling and programming many types and brands of hearing aids, and has expert repair service.

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Through the legislative efforts and support of the 2011 LSHAS Officers and members, Louisiana residents now benefit from the highest standards of consumer protection in regards to hearing aid purchases and qualified licensed practitioners. During the regular session of the Louisiana State Legislature, House Bill #276 proceeded unopposed, securing much needed amendments to previous state statutes. Special thanks goes to Cindy Bishop and Rep. Frank Montoucet for their efforts and support.